What Services do you offer?

The Full Package:

  • New Lifts
  • Lift refurbishment
  • Lift maintenance
  • Lift repairs

Our Company endeavours to ease the pressure by offering the full package, and pride ourselves in Customer service focusing on you the Client, to make sure the install runs as smoothly as possible.

Which Lift? Type, Size, Traction or Hydraulic?

Which type to go for ?

We offer a range of Traction and Hydraulic lifts. That can be used for a variety of applications from residential buildings, offices, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels etc. There are advantages to both Traction and Hydraulic depending on your needs.

  • Length of travel
  • Load Capacity
  • Users
  • Speed
  • Drive, Type
  • Number of floors.

We would carry out detailed surveys and advise you and help you make the right decision.

What are the Time Scales required from Sales to handover of the product ?

We pride ourselves on working alongside you as the client to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and timeframes are kept. The timescales are generally dependent on how bespoke the product being offered. Typically we have a 6 week manufacturing period. We can advise on Installation time dependent on the size of project.

Do your products comply with European standards for lift regulations?

Once the lift installation is complete and tested to EN81 standard. We bring in an independent notified body, to ensure that the final product conforms and a CE certificate will be issued to show that it meets the European standard.

Do you offer the complete after care service?

We offer a competitive, comprehensive maintenance package. To ensure your business continues to function efficiently, and remain safe and legally compliant. Our expert engineers work with you to arrange a convenient time, to ensure equipment is out of service for the shortest possible time, reducing disruption.